ADVENTURE Data Provisioning and Discovery

ADVENTURE Data Provisioning and Discovery
The Data Provisioning and Discovery (DPD) introduces a customizable and extensible model for describing ADVENTURE members and their ADVENTURE-related assets (e.g. services) into a common, coherent information space, supporting the other ADVENTURE tools in their information retrieval needs. It provides tools for provisioning of new ADVENTURE members information into the system during their join phase. It further provides tools for discovery of existing ADVENTURE members and services matching selection criteria during the play phase or to find potential partners. The DPD component is a key infrastructure component of the ADVENTURE architecture. Almost every activity in the system relies somehow on its functionality. Therefore its reliability and scalability are major factors for the overall system quality of service. To ensure this, the component design is aligned with the fundamental design decision, shared by ADVENTURE components, to build upon Service Oriented Architectures paradigm and the cloud technology. The lifecycle and availability of operational and configuration data used by DPD will be independent of the lifecycle and availability of the DPD system itself. This isolation allows for improved availability of the services processing the data and helps to achieve higher reliability. Therefore, the operational data used by DPD will be externalized and maintained by the Cloud Storage service. A master copy of the module configuration will also be managed by the Cloud Storage and fetched upon initialization to setup the system for use.
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ADVENTURE Data Provisioning and Discovery
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