Cloud-based simulation in the design and manufacture of camshafts

The objective of this experiment was to develop a data processing service which enables manufacturing companies, particularly SMEs, to control manufacturing processes to a very high level of accuracy. This experiment has worked on the production of a camshaft (critical component of high power engines), where the generation of the 3D model from the acquired pointcloud has been optimised. VIC4CAM targets a highly demanding market segment with strict manufacturing tolerances, i.e. cylindrical parts and camshaft production, to establish a solid pillar that facilitates a fast and smooth adoption of the VIC4CAM HPC simulation services by other clients and market segments in the automotive and aeronautic sectors. This requires intelligent, fast and intensive analysis of the manufacturing quality using 3D digital information of the parts to be manufactured. The combination of scanning, measurement and analysis system enables the early identification of deviation from the design parameters in the manufacturing process and of the necessary corrective measures to be taken. The end user, EPC, will improve the quality of its products to reach 0% defective part delivery. This will allow generating vast knowledge for both camshaft new and re-design as well as machinery engineering and maintenance. All these developments will enable the company to achieve the zero defects delivery, saving 1.5 M€ to the company during the next five years.
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Country: SPAIN