Cloud-based modelling for the 3-D printing of complex shapes

It is only in the recent years that Additive Manufacturing (AM) has emerged as a viable mainstream production technology. Overcoming technical and bureaucratic obstacles has allowed 3D printing to grow as a cost effective option for small and medium scale production, able to produce complex shapes not achievable with standard manufacturing processes. Current design tools, however, were developed targeting traditional manufacturing procedures and are not flexible enough to exploit the full potential of 3D printing. Mesh morphing is emerging as a meaningful answer to the challenges posed by shape optimisation problems, especially if product performance evaluation requires heavy numerical modelling as in the case of CFD and CSM computational meshes. Fast Radial Basis Functions (RBF) enables accurate shape control of complex parts. This experiment managed to demonstrate the validity of the service by optimising a prospective industrial case - a Lamborghini 12 cylinder airbox, taking advantage on the synergic collaboration between consortium partners. The innovative workflow designed and tested with HPC during the Experiment has allowed HSL to build a new service with significant business potential for existing and new clients. HSL owns a wide range of clients in the automotive sector and has built over the years a strong reputation in advanced rapid prototyping services.
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