Virtual Enterprises by Networked Interoperability Services

Virtual Enterprises by Networked Interoperability Services
Enterprises interoperability is the emerging need in Europe for joint projects and business facing new marketing challenges. In multi-partners projects and business, aimed at developing innovative joint products, Large Enterprises suffer from a lack of synergy and cohesion with the Small-Medium and Micro Enterprises, due to the missing sharing of project information, knowledge, workflows, etc. A novel level of integration is expected, while guaranteeing the intellectual property rights and preserving the already existing company management processes fixed in years of past activity. The VENIS project is aimed at providing the a new level of interoperability between Large and Small Enterprises, according to Virtual Enterprise paradigm: - A distributed web-based repository will be implemented in order to connect the existing information systems - A set of lightweight web services will be developed for a smart exchange of the common data based on legacy email systems - The local business processes will be modelled and linked by a distributed business engine mechanism, in order to assist the work in joint businesses and create novel synergies in marketing competition. Latest documents and multimedia, project activity planning, joint work flow and milestones, etc. will be then easily available to all the persons involved from Large and Small enterprises, while leaving unchanged the already existing legacy procedures. The Consortium, composed by 7 Partners skilled in international collaboration, is well balanced in expertises between technology developers and final users. For more information you can visit VENIS website:
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Duration: 30 months
Start date: 01-09-2011
End date: 31-08-2015
Number of participants: 7
Total budget - Public funding: 1 596 778,00 Euro - 1 262 991,00 Euro
Call topic: Virtual Factories and enterprises (FoF.ICT.2011.7.3)
Instrument: Collaborative project (generic)