Integral Material and Energy flow MANagement in MANufacturing metal mechanic sector


Present approaches to increasing resource efficiency in manufacturing companies are mainly focused on single process optimisation. A wider and integrated optimisation is assumed to have significantly higher savings potential.In fact, a pilot study has been performed by Greenovate!Europe, showing resource saving potentials of 70%.

Such a strategy should include optimisation across the interfaces between different steps in complex production chains and different companies involved in the overall value chain. In that sense, MEMAN consortium brings together 15 partners from 6 countries represented by industrial enterprises, SMEs mainly, and service companies experts in eco-innovative models, working on improving the competitiveness of the metal mechanic sector, through the full validation of new business models that allow the collaboration of companies in the whole value chain in order to reduce global impacts in terms of energy and other resources.

The MEMAN project will implement an approach to optimise resource efficiency across 3 manufacturing value chains cases, integrating an analytical toolbox based on MEFA and LCA and providing practical decision-making support. Furthermore, new business models will be developed to support the implementation of global energy and resources efficiency along the 3 value chains. Energy characterisations considering the whole value chain, will be also developed within MEMAN. 

The consortium has the capacity and ambition of exploiting and reaching the market with the results of the project, at an international level, in terms of technology and business models. Hence, the technologies developed and the synergies created in the project would have the impact estimated bellow - Energy consumption and CO2 emission reduction for the final product between 20-30% from cradle to gate and between 30-35% from cradle to grave - Product s LCC reduction between 10-20% from cradle to grave.

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Start date: 01-01-2015
End date: 01-07-2018
Total budget - Public funding: 5 998 686,00 Euro - 5 998 686,00 Euro
Call topic: Global energy and other resources efficiency in manufacturing enterprises (FoF.NMPB.2014.3)

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Research & Innovation Action (RIA)

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Economic sustainability Supply chain and value network efficiency Circular economy Reducing the consumption of energy, while increasing the usa...
Material efficiency Reduction of energy consumption (in %) Reduction of CO2 emissions (in %) Reduction of material consumption (in %)
    Comment: New business opportunities related to the application of innovative production technologies in 3 use case scenarios (automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering) and focusing on the optimisation of energy and materials consumption along the whole life cycle.
      Comment: MEMAN project considers the whole value chain, from craddle to grave and considetring all the main indicators that have impact on the consumptin of raw material and enrgy, as well as environmentlal footprint.

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Manufacturing the products of the future Resource efficient, sustainable products
Domain 2: Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems
      Comment: MEMAN project tries to give a response to the 2 major drawbacks that have difficult the improvement of the energy and resource efficiency of industrial companies in Europe:: 1) Optimisation approaches typically focus on only one resource energy or raw materials, and usually energy due to its relevance for greenhouse gas emissions. 2) Optimisation approaches mainly focus on single company or single process optimisation; only most recently research approaches have been made to optimise elongated process chains in an integrated way. In this context MEMAN project is arguing for a Next wave of eco-innovation, addressing resource efficiency optimisation of whole manufacturing value chains instead of isolated single company / single process optimisations and, looking at resource efficiency with a holistic view that includes energy, raw materials as well as other supplies in an integrated optimisation approach.

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