Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe

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Interoperability (ICT)

Refrain from proprietary formats; if necessary, build adapters that go both ways (import/export). Platform-independent micro-service architecture (micro-services are designed to be independent of Bluemix stack (but can use it if it’s there)) Standards compliance for product categorisation (eClass), business process specification (UBL), oneM2M for manufacturing interoperation.

Industrial Reference ICT Architectures

IIRA is the main reference. IIRA is closest in terms of conceptual design for NIMBLE. RAMI is not so applicable to us because we are closer to Internet B2C or B2B platforms. Industrial Data Space is on our radar, but was not sufficiently elaborated at the time of writing the proposal. See The NIMBLE platform is designed to ingest data stemming from edge devices into the platform. Once data has reached the platform, data are stored for future uses such as offline analytics and auditing. In addition, processing of the data as it flows into the platform can be performed in real-time. Offline analytics complements the real-time view by enabling companies to gain insights from their data ...