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Business ecosystems associated to digital platforms

General desciption of Business ecosystems associated to digital platforms:

By definition, by bringing together actors from different sides, platforms are defined by their stakeholders. There are core stakeholders (target customers, core suppliers, value chain partners), but it should not be forgotten that there are also actors with an indirect or external interest in the activities in the platform (competitors, existing customers not addressed through the platform). A platform also defines the relationship with and the channels with the different user groups.

The business ecosystem within a digital platform have to attract, involve and interconnect value creators on both the supply and demand sides. The platform enables the interaction (value co-creation) between two main groups: demand side (target clients = value users) and supply side (value producers).

Network effects of platform has two dimensions: direct network effects explain how a platform attracts other value creators to participate whereas indirect network effects arise from attracting other platforms to contribute.



Grow it as a real B2B Internet platform for European impact. Enable formation of federated platforms for different regions and/or industrial sectors/markets. Digital collaboration marketplace Big tools available through PaaS modality. Cloud service / app development facilities for software developers. Note: ecosystem includes also the platform provider, 3rd party software as a service, financial services, smart contracts, etc.