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      Applied Technologies:

      Spring Boo: Spring Boot is a framework for building web applications. It is built on top of the Spring Framework and follows a zero-configuration principle. The major set of microservices are build using Spring Boot as an application framework.

      Spring Cloud: Functionalities for building and integrating microservices are provided by Spring Cloud. It mainly aggregates components of the Netflix Open Source Software (Netflix OSS) project and makes them easily be integrated with

      Spring Boot applications. Components of the underlying microservice infrastructure are heavily using modules from Spring Cloud (e.g. Service Discovery, Configuration Server and Gateway Proxy).

      Spring Cloud Security: Standardized security mechanisms are implemented using Spring Cloud Security. It provides out-of-the-box integration of security modules to Spring Cloud applications. Authentication and authorization between microservices are realized by using Spring Cloud Security, which supports OAuth2 and OpenID Connect and communicates with the authentication server (i.e. Cloud Foundry UAA).

      ELK Stack Logs can be streamed to Logstash, which stores them persistently in Elastic Search. visualizations are done using Kibana, hence the ELK stack. The ELK stack is used to aggregate log output of distributed microservices in order to centrally perform analysis of generated log output.

      Cloud Foundry UAA: The Cloud Foundry User Account and Authentication (UAA) is a multi tenant identity management service, available as a stand alone OAuth2 server issuing tokens for clients. Cloud Foundry UAA acts as identity and authentication server issuing OpenID Connect tokens.

      Camunda BPM: Camunda BPM is an open source platform for business process management. Camunda BPM is used for the definition and execution of business processes (e.g. supply chain process).

      Apache Marmotta: Apache Marmotta is an open implementation of a linked data platform. Apache Marmotta will be mainly used to store catalog data and perform product-search queries. Apache Solr Apache Solr is a free-text indexing tool providing advanced search and navigation capabilities on the indexed data. Apache Marmotta uses Apache Solr for its semantic search cores composed semantic features of indexed items.

      Docker: Docker is an open-source solution for application deployment, consisting of prebuilt images running inside a container. Docker will be used for intermediate development releases and on-premises deployment.

      PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL is an open-source database system for object-relational data. PostgreSQL will mainly be used as a database technology, in order to have a homogeneous setup.

      Apache Kafka: Open Source messaging infrastructure Mainly used for private communication among components and entities.

      Data management:

      • Product life-cycle management
      • Web objects for IoT data ingestion
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