Making our Workforce Fit for the Factory of the Future


FIT4FoF project aims at addressing workers’ needs, analysing technology trends across 6 industrial areas of robotics, additive manufacturing, mechatronics/machine automation, data analytics, cybersecurity and human machine interaction, to define new job profiles, which will inform education and training requirements.

FIT4FoF will develop a new education and training framework, which places workers (women and men) at the centre of a co-design and development process that recognises and addresses their skills needs.

By applying educational approaches based on Communities of Practice, FIT4FoF will empower workers to be drivers of the design, development and delivery of their own upskilling programmes.

FIT4FoF will develop Alliances of Communities of Practice to broaden the approach across Europe, creating replication strategies enabling educational/training design and development practices to be transferred between regional communities across Europe.

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Start date: 01-10-2018
End date: 30-09-2021
Total budget - Public funding: 1 642 000,00 Euro - 1 642 000,00 Euro
Call topic: Skills needed for new Manufacturing jobs (CSA) (DT-FOF-01-2018)
Twitter: @FIT4FoF

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Coordination and support action (CSA)