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Data spaces and cloud/edge solutions for responsive and robust manufacturing

General desciption of Data spaces and cloud/edge solutions for responsive and robust manufacturing:
  • The exchange of data and the manufacturing data spaces will be one of the most important drivers for progress in manufacturing supporting smart factories in sharing data with other factories and organisations such as service providers, supporting better and faster decision making.  Even if related calls will take place in Digital Europe, activities should be closely coordinated.
  • Crucial is the delivery and diffusion of open standards enabling the wide  digitalization of industry from design to manufacturing and (remote) services, considering the manufacturing industry fragmentation with a large % of SMEs.
  • Manufacturing Data spaces should feature: openness, decentralization, sovereignty, interoperability, scalability, transparency, integrity, security and trusted data exchange, technologies to secure data sovereignty, low latency and improved data economics (for example  through “Edge AI")
  • IT/OT convergence should be addressed, connecting different systems and levels:
    • Hardware tools (sensors, Cyber Physical Systems, smart mechatronics, cognitive robotics)
    • Digital tools (data analytics, AI, distributed ledger technology, digital product passports for tracking along lifecycle, IoT, fog/edge/cloud, Asset Administration Shell, standardised ontologies and semantics ...)
  • Hybrid digital twins, multidomain modelling & simulation (digital twins at factory automation levels) will support optimisation across the life cycle of manufacturing assets.

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