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General desciption of Data spaces:

Dataspaces are an abstraction in data management that aim to overcome some of the problems encountered in data integration system. The aim is to reduce the effort required to set up a data integration system by relying on existing matching and mapping generation techniques, and to improve the system in "pay-as-you-go" fashion as it is used. (From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dataspaces)


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  • Results:

    As the proactive exploitation of the DigiPrime platform enables the car-monitored SOH tracing and availability, less testing is needed to assess the residual capacity of the battery. Moreover, by knowing the structure of the battery packs, a decision support system can be implemented to adjust the de-and remanufacturing strategy accordingly and select the most proper cells for re-assembly second-life modules, thus unlocking a systematic circular value chain for Li-ion battery cells re-use. Furthermore, excessively degraded cells which cannot be re-used can be sent to high-value recycling, based on the knowledge of their material compositions.