• Comment:

    The DigiPrime project aims to address the issue of poor data and knowledge exchange among value chain stakeholders and sectors, which hinders cross-sectoral circular economy opportunities and limits the uptake of reusable materials by end customers. To solve this problem, the project is developing a digital platform concept that aims to overcome the current information asymmetry among value chain stakeholders. The project's main goal is to unlock new circular business models by focusing on the data-enhanced recovery and reuse of functions and materials from high-value-added post-use products as the foundation of its platform. 

    To achieve this, the project has planned standardization activities that cover two complementary aspects:

    • Utilizing existing standards, such as those related to data modelling, to support the project's implementation activities and avoid duplicating effort during development; and
    • Influencing future standardization in the circular economy as a means to increase visibility and maximize the overall impact of the project.


    By doing so, the project aims to promote consistency in the circular economy and improve the efficiency of data and knowledge exchange among value chain stakeholders.