I4MS Tools and Technologies for Transformation


I4MS Tools and Technologies for Transformation (I4MS4Ts) contributes to I4MS ecosystem structuration and visibility. It collaborates with Innovation Actions, Digital Innovation Hubs and other related networks (SAE, EFFRA, EIT Manufacturing, Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills: etc.) to solve the challenges faced by tech suppliers and public bodies (innovation support/economic development agencies) when trying to accelerate digital take up by manufacturing SMEs and midcaps in Europe.

While sustaining and enhancing the work done in previous I4MS Phases, I4MS4Ts will contribute to a more efficient, collaborative and clustered ecosystem structure and will make use of best practises from early adopters to reach the late majority of manufacturing SMEs.

The CSA will:

(1) provide I4MS Innovation Actions and network of DIHs with tools (raise awareness materials, brokering support, community engagement activities) to convey their value proposition and attract manufacturing SMEs/midcaps, particularly those from underrepresented regions and/or sectors;

(2) put together I4MS offering (IA/DIHs demonstrators, tech & business services, trainings) and share it under an evidence-based approach (impact in competitiveness, best practises); (3) maintain and enlarge an engaged community and provide I4MS with a strong communication and dissemination platform under a joint brand.

This work will contribute to solve I4MS challenges, increasing sectoral and regional coverage of the initiative and encouraging national/regional financing entities to dedicate resources to support most promising Application Experiments and to consolidate I4MS work locally. A lean consortium of 3 expert entities (FBA, MWCapital, TEC) will guarantee a smooth connection with previous Phases of I4MS and other initiatives and networks, a clear vision and high-quality community engagement, identification and characterisation of I4MS assets and best practises, targeted upskilling, brokering and communication. 

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More information
Web resources: https://i4ms.eu
Start date: 01-06-2020
End date: 30-11-2022
Total budget - Public funding: 999 387,00 Euro - 999 387,00 Euro
Call topic: I4MS (phase 4) - uptake of digital game changers (DT-ICT-03-2020)
Twitter: @I4MS_Europe
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I4MS Tools and Technologies for Transformation
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