Plug and Produce Joint Interface Modules

Plug and Produce Joint Interface Modules
Traditionally, dynamic instability in a machining process is controlled by tuning the process parameters to match with the inherent dynamic characteristics of the machine tool structure which often results in lowering the rates of production. The novelty of the JIM concept is that, instead of changing the process parameters, the dynamic stiffness of the machine tool is controlled to maintain the process stability. The distributed wireless configuration and control network enables plug and produce capability and decentralised control of JIMs through a wireless communication network. This development is essential for achieving modularity and plug and produce capability for JIM-based machine tools. Controlled design of JIMs allows the dynamic behaviour of the machine tool to be predictable with more accuracy. The mechatronic design of the JIM includes an integrated control system and embedded intelligence which enable to be self-adaptive for optimising the dynamic stiffness within its design range during a machining process. The results of research and development work will be demonstrated in industrial context and there is a dissemination and exploitation activity to reach out potential stakeholders. PopJIM identifies critical performance limiting problems in machine tool design and use. The project idea is based on two crucial innovative solutions: • Replacing conventional machine tool structural joint interfaces by a self configuring and optimising mechatronic module called Joint Interface Module, JIM, made of functional materials. • A wireless network consisting of these modules and a machining process proxy to enable adaptive control and plug and produce capability to the JIMs. JIMs are designed to adapt the dynamic behaviour of a machine-tool during its interaction with the cutting process.
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Start date: 01-09-2010
End date: 31-08-2014
Total budget - Public funding: 4 436 908,00 Euro - 3 285 624,00 Euro
Call topic: Plug-and-Produce components for adaptive control (FoF.NMP.2010.1)