CloudiFacturing (from CloudiFacturing ) mapped on Economic sustainability

General desciption of Economic sustainability:

Economic sustainability is the component of sustainability where the focus is on commercial competitiveness and the ability to do be successful from the business perspective.



It is expected that new nozzle design and thus new water quench will be available for the customers in 5 years time. It is expected that those new products will attract new clients: 5 new contracts in 1 year increasing to 10 new contracts in 5 years, which will increase the turnover of Ferram by 500k Euros in 1 year and 3,5 million Euros in 5 years after the experiment end.

IT4Innovations as DIH and resource provider is expecting the experiment to increase their innovation potential and improve their competitiveness. They are also expecting to increase the number of customers: It is expected that 2 new customers will be attracted due to new capabilities within 5 years after the experiment and will create new sources of revenue.