PV-cell welding system demonstration

PV-cell welding system demonstration
Real PV sub-module samples will be used for the demonstration activity and will be provided by FLISOM (the PV cell end-user). The performance of the integrated GreenMix laser platform, Welding Monitoring System (WMS) and Digital Radiography (DR) system will be evaluated in line with a real production environment setup for the high-quality welding of thin-film PV cell interconnections. Not only optimum quality welds, but also welds with intentional cracking, lack of fusion/penetration or porosity will be produced, to test the performance of the developed DR and resistivity inspection systems. The WMS will provide high speed imaging for diagnostics and traceability. The individual welds will be tested both non-destructively and destructively, to determine the overall weld integrity. Improvements to the constituent components as well as the developed welding strategies and on-line temporal pulse control, will be implemented through an iterative process.
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Web resources: http://www.qcoala.eu/project/index.jsp
Country: GERMANY
Address: Bochum
      Comment: Flexible organic and inorganic solar cells are increasingly becoming important as an alternative source of energy. Although solar cells are a proven concept / product, many challenges remain in the production process of these flexible thin-film solar cells. As part of the QCOALA project, flexible metal tabs or foils, made of aluminium or copper, were welded to the cells to form modules. This allowed an accurate, low heat input process within the solar cell, which is a very important aspect, since PV cells on
PV-cell welding system demonstration
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