(KER G3)ULMA Fleet Manager solution (CbM, predictive capabilities)

(KER G3)ULMA Fleet Manager solution (CbM, predictive capabilities)
The overall solution offered to customers consists of a service package made of an embedded hardware (i.e. the CbM - Condition based Maintenance system) that collects essential data from the forklift trucks. This data is made of several signals from sensors (i.e. temperature, impacts, working hours, etc.) and from other components like a battery datalogger to monitor the usage and efficiency of the battery. The package is also made of a software platform where this information is displayed and exploited at manufacturer/dealer/end user level (i.e. the FW–-AHM - Fleet Wide Asset Health Management platform by using KASEM software). The software it is also integrated with the Service Provider ERP to obtain the maximum possible information.
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Country: SPAIN
Comment: CbM-FM-Platform-Service-Solution has been tested in a CIE forging plant.
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