(KER G4)Service solution of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) for new generation Machine Tool electro-spindles

The new service tool that FIDIA has developed will enable the company to offer a new condition based maintenance (CbM) solution to its customers. Predictive capabilities will improve the productivity avoiding sudden interruptions in machining of workpieces due to breakdowns. This increases machine availability and lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for customers. Condition Monitoring for Electro-Spindle will enable The design of a new Electro-Spindle, a crucial part of the Machine Tool, has been revised from the original equipment manufacturer trying to shift from a purely performance to a reliability driven concept. The component has been redesigned and also equipped with new sensors. New available sensors allow the Machine Tool builder to retrieve more information from the working and operating conditions of the spindle. Condition Monitoring for Electro-Spindle will enable detection and diagnosis of faults and it will help service technicians in planned maintenance actions.
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Comment: CbM-Machine-Tool-ElectroSpindle has been tested in a FIDIA machine and in a ElectroSpindle test bench.
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