(KER G5)Service solution for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) of Robot Cells

A new data logger HW/SW solution has been developed for gathering data from virtually any device or system. This is the main component for the new Condition based Maintenance (CbM) solution. The data will be transfered to Predict's KASEM SW and can be accessed via the KASEM platform. However, the data alone is not enough for CbM solution to truly function for complex robot systems. This is where KINEs know-how of critical components and other factors comes in. KINE will offer a complete maintenance package to the client including remote monitoring and CbM. As a result this will reduce down-times and maintenance costs for both parties.
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Comment: CbM-Robot-Solutions has been tested in OKMETIC plant.
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    Comment: CbM-Robot-Solution can be applied to any robotic system.