EUSKADI industrial Champion

EUSKADI industrial Champion

Plastic Components Industry: Manufacturing Process for Automotive Parts

The Euskadi Digital Innovation Hub has deployed the experimental facilities to experiment new technologies in the checking fixtures, used as a tool for quality control in automotive part manufacturing. The aim is to implement a cyber-physical gauging system based on 3D digitalisation technologies and 3D point cloud analytics to reduce the complexity of checking fixtures

The BEinCPPS platform allows a more efficient synchronisation and operation of the physical and cyber production operations. Inside the Measuring machines, the metrology software platform provides highly efficient and flexible virtual part management solutions for storage of massive 3D point cloud information and high performance exchange of virtual part information.

The software in combination with 3D optical scanner can be used to develop precise and accurate point cloud images that can then be converted to different 3D design and modelling software.

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EUSKADI industrial Champion
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