5G Security and Privacy Enablers


17 enablers have been developed and released to concretely demonstrate their capabilities and operation in a 5G network. This has been achieved with the set-up of the 5G test bed. A second final set of security enablers have now been specified as completely new solutions as well as additional features of the enablers already available. They contribute to have a total of 24 enablers will soon be available, each with an open specification and a software release for demonstration and integration purpose.

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Web resources: http://www.5gensure.eu/security-enablers
Demonstration level: Level 4 - Basic prototype validated in laboratory environment
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    Comment: The heterogeneous nature of the new networks, devices and services will raise a lot of security concerns, such as trust and privacy, that have to be addressed to enable wide deployment of 5G services and especially enhance user acceptance.
5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience
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