5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience


5G is the new mobile standardisation effort focusing on the convergence of telecom and IT to develop a ubiquitous infrastructure that offers higher capacity to customers and creates new opportunities to interconnect smart objects. There will be a massive number of devices (e.g. sensors, actuators and cameras) with a wide range of characteristics. Integrating these heterogeneous technologies poses new security challenges towards a secure, reliable and dependable infrastructure. Networks will have to cope with a very dynamic and flexible environment consisting of virtual resources that can be instantiated and released on demand to meet the users’ demands and the connectivity requirements. The heterogeneous nature of the new networks, devices and services will raise a lot of security concerns, such as trust and privacy, that have to be addressed to enable wide deployment of 5G services and especially enhance user acceptance.

5G-ENSURE will define and deliver a 5G Security Architecture, shared and agreed by the various 5G stakeholders. It will specify, develop and release an initial set of useful and usable security enablers for 5G. These enablers will be selected for their relevance in addressing some of the foremost security concerns in order to generate the trust and confidence necessary for 5G to be widely adopted and to deliver its promises through innovative business applications. The 5G-ENSURE project will also initiate a 5G Security testbed vision and initial set-up in which the security enablers will be made available. Moreover, the potential of the developed 5G Security enablers will be showcased and demonstrated in the context of carefully selected 5G security use cases (e.g. use cases related to cybersecurity and aerospace).
Coupled with this, 5G-ENSURE will be closely linked to the overall 5G PPP programme through active participation in common activities and fora. Specifically, 5G-ENSURE will be the project that creates and animates a dedicated 5G PPP Security Working Group to coordinate the various security-related activities.
5G-ENSURE is led by a strong consortium bringing together the appropriate and complementary skills, including standards involvement and deep telco understanding, along with an extensive network of interested parties, and have a proven track-record in coordination. 5G-ENSURE will avail itself of the support of a group of international opinion leaders.

5G-ENSURE drives the vision for security to be natively supported by the 5G infrastructure to ensure the correct support of the 5G use cases and fulfil the needs coming from vertical industries. 5G-ENSURE achievements, referred to as the project's "Golden Nuggets" span a set of security and privacy enablers; a 5G test-bed and reference security architecture.

More information
Web resources: http://www.5gensure.eu/
Start date: 01-11-2015
End date: 31-10-2017
Total budget - Public funding: 7 584 046,00 Euro - 7 584 046,00 Euro
Call topic: EU programme Call topic (EU-topic)
    Information visibility. 5G could revolutionize the manufacturing industries in the coming years. Its higher connection speeds and reduced latency will enable companies to run in ways only dreamed about decades ago.
      Comment: With 5G systems it will be possible to utilize cloud technology, allowing machines and robots to access their programs from the cloud, rather than requiring local hosting. The ability to take a file and immediately download it into the machine minimizes downtime and makes changes easier.
    Comment: New opportunities to interconnecting smart objects, devices e.g. sensors, and actuators with 5G. The smart supply chain management.
    Comment: 5G critically depends on standards to ensure interoperability, security, privacy and data protection.
    Standardisation enables interoperatbility