5G Test-bed


Based on interconnected nodes in France and Finland, the test-bed shows, on a small scale, what a 5G network could be like, by enabling the development and testing of complex end-to-end, multi-domain, multi-operator 5G oriented security scenarios. The test-bed set-up meets the requirements of the 5G security and privacy enablers against the threats emerging from  identified use cases. It is used to demonstrate the security enhancements provided by the capabilities/features of each delivered enabler but also to showcase the added value of combining them to improve access control, privacy, trust, as well as network management and virtualisation security.

More information
Web resources: http://www.5gensure.eu/5g-ensure-testbed
Demonstration level: Level 4 - Basic prototype validated in laboratory environment
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5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience
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