Towards Flexible and Secure End-to-End Communciation in Industry 4.0


In this paper, we develop a CPPS meta-model and use it to describe an end-to-end communication use case from an ongoing research project. Based on this use case we develop a business process performance and security trade-off model. Motivated by the results, we additionally present self adaptation as a solution towards a fexible and secure end-to-end communication. To identify and document the self-adaptation points in a structured methodological and lightweight way we use the bespoken CPPS meta-model.

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Country: DE
Address: Emden
Demonstration level: Level 0 - Level not specified
Comment: Authors: Silia Maksuti, Ani Bicaku, Markus Tauber, Silke Palkovits-Rauter, Sarah Haas (F-B)
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Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0
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