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HPC based high-resolution modelling of magnets

HPC based high-resolution modelling of magnets

Magneti produces its magnets through a process called compaction, which uses a hydraulic press to apply pressure to magnetic powders until they solidify. The hydraulic press is made up of several very expensive parts which regularly wear out and must be replaced. The pressing tool needed to be optimized, so it could be used for longer and with lower material costs, but doing this requires the ability to automatically detect yielding of the tool under a given pressure. This requires many iterations of computer simulation.

To tackle the problem of pressing tool optimization, XLAB developed a set of software services based on open-source solutions. XLAB built a computer model of the pressing tool and its behaviour during the compaction process. This model is highly configurable, so Magneti can reuse it for other applications. The optimization service runs as a web application, which provides an easy-to-use interface. The application connects to Arctur’s HPC system and submits an HPC job according to configuration and input parameters from the end user. 

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