Cloud-based-HPC optimisation of manufacturing processes

Cloud-based-HPC optimisation of manufacturing processes

Laser Metal Deposition is an additive manufacturing technology that enables the generic 3D printing of large metal parts. Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing sector, as it allows for complex components to be produced with short lead times. However, the lack of sufficent control remains a barrier, as it can result in unnecessary reworking, waste and an increase in 3D printing times. This reduces both profits and efficiency.

This experiment aimed to overcome the current deficiencies in online monitoring and control of laser processing, so that EMO can realise the full benefits of additive manufacturing and create better quality products.

The new technology, called CyPLAM, is a novel approach to the online monitoring of LMD. It uses deep-learning principles, working on the Fortissimo infrastructure, to enable online and real-time quality control and monitoring of key features such as dilution and clad height. CyPLAM has been validated by testing on a repair application using LMD.

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