Model-based toolchain for demanding project deliveries

Model-based toolchain for demanding project deliveries

Improved efficiency of technical team activities, in customer-prime-supplier relationships

Outcomes demonstrated


  • Model-based system engineering process and environments enhanced for improved efficiency of interdisciplinary activities
  • Web-based infrastructure for easier collaboration
  • Enhanced presentation capabilities (VR, Simulation) in shorter time
  • Cheaper IT architecture interfaces using data models with semantics
  • Data security guaranteed by dedicated interfaces and data semantics

Benefits, impact , opportunities

  • Improvement of current transition to model-based environments
  • Improvement of  technical team capabilities
  • Improvement of relationship between technical teams in different industrial tiers and with customers
  • Reduction of response time to a customer and feedback capture
  • Enhanced collaboration and adaptation to customer needs and feedbacks
  • Enabler of more complex solution




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Country: IT
Demonstration level: Level 5 - Components validated in relevant environment
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