Life-cycle support tools for small passenger vessels

Life-cycle support tools for small passenger vessels

Design configurator for small craft passenger boat industry

The demonstrateor presented a user-friendly, dynamic, information-rich technical metafile for the vessel that  includes all aspects of the vessel including; initial customer specifications, required regulations, shipyard designs, final sea-trial data and post-delivery surveys and inspections of sea-going passenger vessels of legths up tp 30 metres.

  • System Dynamics Business Model to analyze business variable interactions and derive business requirements
  • Vessel Configurator to derive relevant to business needs, all required Rules and Regulations
  • Vesign Support Plugin to quickly estimate key design elements and cost based on specific design materials and equipment
  • A common web-based platform to record, distribute information, and support communication among actors that acts as a Life-cycle digital achieve, a “Vessel Meta-file”

Benefits, impact, opportunities

  • Offers a systematic process for decision making based on business variables. 
  • Reduces time to consider the technical and economic feasibility of business ideas. Incorporates on-going changes in Regulations
  • Reduces time to technically respond to initial design challenges, design changes or vessel updates.
  • Dynamic propagation of updates reduces survey time and cost. Decreases cost of data acquisition required for updates (Easier to evaluate current state and future costs). Added value to “UIW Vessels”


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Country: GR
Demonstration level: Level 4 - Basic prototype validated in laboratory environment
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