A success story : Much more than technology

A success story  : Much more than technology

The BOREALIS project has been an opportunity to create much more value than the technical solution itself.

This value today is represented by the different initiatives that the Consortium has created and that are on going and also in teh Associations where Borealis partner are involved at regional or european level.

The Know how and the value of people are the other important aspects that BOREALIS promoted: new courses, new hiring within BOREALIS Consortium, new workshop about additive and gender issues are results of this committment.

The further value of Borealis project then is represented by the developments and further investments that the partners of Borealis have been sustained. Some of results are listed here:

AM Team and Additive Tech center @ Prima Industrie

First Italian and European Master in AM @ PoliTO

Integrated Additive Manufacturing lab@ PoliTO


Additive process Know How @ LMS


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A success story  : Much more than technology
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