PROMOLDING production facilities

PROMOLDING production facilities

PROMOLDING focuses on high added value parts, ranging from medical sector to aeronautics and optical sensors. PROMOLDING owns and operates a machinery park including 14 machines, ranging from 15T to 800T clamping force, from 20 years old to brandy new. The machines are from Haitian, Arburg and Engel vendors and are stored in two locations spanning 50 m apart from each other. Such a machinery park environment makes it an optimal site to design and test a novel solution when the adaptability for multiple machine brands, years of usage, and different locations is key.

During the PREVIEW project several machines wwere equiped with PREVIEW system. A permanent PREVIEW installation is been deployed in PROMOLDING facilities for industrialization and future developments.

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Country: NL
Address: Laan van Ypenburg 108, Den Haag 2497
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