List of Demonstrators

List of Demonstrators

OEM use cases:

-        Integration of vehicle individualization in a highly automated assembling process in the Automotive Industry in the logistics based on Product Lifecycle Management Systems (BMW, EDMS)

-        Flying robots (BMW, IEMTEC, KINEXON, FAU FAPS)

-        Industrial IoT/CPS system (VTC, ERICSSON, LTU, SEB)

-        Tracking, sensing and actuating services (IMA)


Tier1 Use Cases

-        Smart services for test equipment (AVL)

-        Simultaneous Cost Engineering for powertrain architectures (AVL)

-        Smart Services for Trusted

-        Manufacturing Site (ABB)

-        Supply chain management for semiconductor manufacturing (BOSCH)

-        Smart failure analysis lab (IFAT)


Tier2 Use Cases

-        MES of the future (IFD, SYSTEMA)

-        High Automation Solution in SC Wafer production line (Siltronic, SYSTEMA)

-        Data Analytics, Semiconductor Data Lake (SYSTEMA, IFD)

-        Fab robotization (ST ROUSSET)

-        Factory Supervision for variability reduction (ST CROLLES)

-        Adaptive mobile robotic systems for smart manufacturing (HOST, IFD)

-        Smart Semiconductor Production Automation by Flexible Autonomous Robots with Advanced Handling Functionality (FABMATICS, IFD, IFAG)

-        Smart, adaptive and intelligent substrate handling (IFD, ZS-Handling, Xenon, HOST)

-        Automation frame work for new equipment without automation standards (IFD, Xenon)

-        Automation frame work and automation strategies for advanced carrier cleaning procedures for semiconductor substrates (IFD, Pfeiffer-Vacuum, FhG IISB)

-        Real-time based, Global and Local production Optimizations “RIGLOS”, (SYSTEMA, Infineon)

-        Optimization network using advanced scheduling (IFD, TUD)

-        Modern outlier detection methods for semiconductor manufacturing (IFD, TUD)

-        Management of Automated Fab Control, Tasks and Decisions (IFD)

-        People in a 4.0 digitalized manufacturing area (Change Management) (IFD)

-        Single device tracking and advanced process control in assembly and packaging for system integration (IFAG)


Use cases along the supply chain

-        Shaver system use case (PCL)

-        Extended Product Lifecycle Management Best Practice (Thales NL)

-        Machine tool digitization (DANOBAT,MONDRAGON,IDEKO,SAVVY,ULMA,MGEP)

-        Chemical production (Unger, Prediktor, HIOF, TellU, SINTEF)

-        Camshaft Proactive Manufacturing (EPC, Innovalia, TRIMEK, TTT, MGEP, TUW, AIT)

-        Machine and fleet management offered as industrial services (VTT, TUT, WAPICE, CC, Metso, Konecranes)

-        Virtual production planning and control of a semiconductor supply chain at Bosch (BOSCH) Digital Production of ETO Luminaires (PLV)

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List of Demonstrators
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