Baden-Württemberg Industrial Champion

Baden-Württemberg Industrial Champion

Agriculture Technologies: highly personalized cabin manufacturing, manual final assembly

Through the BEinCPPS project John Deere wants increase efficiency by further digitizing their manufacturing processes. With BEinCPPS John Deere focus on a better integration of workers in the value adding process by promoting flexibility to allow for easier customization of manufactured parts.
This will be achieved by providing workers with automatically generated order and worker specific instructions produced by information generated on the enterprise resource planning level.

Specifically at John Deere we address:

  • The integration a connection of CPS to a smart manufacturing bus that allows the exchange of data with IT services.
  • The integration of legacy IT systems to allow these to cooperate and communicate with new CPS systems.
  • Reduction of manual labor and quality of worker guidance improved through the integration data produced at the ERP level (design department and order management) to the shop floor level.
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Baden-Württemberg Industrial Champion
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