Norte Industrial Champion

Norte Industrial Champion

Footwear Manufacturing: High Speed Shoe Factory automation and control.

KYAIA aims to improve its production flexibility to allow it to respond to customer orders and customization requests in a quick and agile way. This will be achieved by automating multiple systems related to production logistics and the companies ERP system. This automation involves the connection of relevant sub-systems across all levels of production from machine processes up to production and logistics networks.

Specifically at KYAIA we  address:

  • The integration of main factory elements (Internal logic system, working posts with related software based management systems) and the company ERP to allow autonomous cooperation among elements.
  • Big data storage and usage that may be produced by the logic systems.
  • The adoption of publish-subscribe broker that will mediate the flow of data between the PLC devices and planning, scheduling and control applications.  
  • The adoption of an event processor component able to analyze real time data generated by the PLC´s and to detect patterns that can result in new relevant production information that can aid in the development of a predicative maintenance system
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Norte Industrial Champion
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