I4MS Disruptors Awards


The I4MS Disruptors Awards aim to award the most innovative experiments and best cases in additive manufacturing, CPS, IoT, robotics, HPC or laser technologies. The I4MS project will launch two Disruptors Awards Calls (2018 and 2019) and select the best cases or experiments illustrating a company's ability to innovate and implement ICT technologies.

The I4MS Disruptors Awards recognise excellence in supporting SMEs and mid-caps in the uptake of key enabling technologies by providing opportunities for public recognition around the achievements of SMEs, DIHs, Competence centres and more.

More information
Web resources: https://i4ms.eu/about/disruptor-awards
Comment: If you are a SMEs or a mid-cap having received financial and technological support from one of the EU projects of the I4MS initiative, such as Fortissimo, Cloudflow, CloudSMEs, LASHARE, INTEFIX, EuRoC, Appolo, ReconCell, BeinCPPS, Fortissimo2, HORSE, MIDIH, Cloudifacturing, L4MS and AMable, don't miss this opportunity. The awarded initiatives will be granted with the widest visibility on the I4MS website and community as well as off-line visibility, namely through the participation in World Class Events where they will be put in contact with other partners, stakeholders, founders and investors. The winners will exemplify the effort and focus it takes to conquer digital transformation as a way to grow business opportunities and make SMEs and midcaps more competitive in the globalised world.
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