"Round Robin Part Family description #1"


The goal of this deliverable is to translate the requirements of use case in a systematic set of round robin test features that can be used to further develop equipment and process.

As initial test shape sample 01 is used (see Figure ). The “Sample 01 small” resembles more the Medtech case and the “Sample 01”, bigger one, the Aerospace and Automotive case. To learn more on the geometric capability the test shape “Sample 4b” is defined (see Figure ). The “Sample 04b small” resembles the Medtech case, whereas the “Sample 04b” resembles the Automotive and Aerospace case. 

For the Medtech case the use cases shown in Figure were provided by Sintea Smart for the Borealis system. The specified material is Ti6Al4V ELI titanium alloy.

A gear box housing is brought in as use case by Avio Aero (Aerospace use case owner) and Diad Group (Automotive use case owner).

The 3A energy class Flexible Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing on next generation of complex 3D metal parts.
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