Requirements of workers and organisations


This document is entitled “First version of requirements of workers and organisa-tions” and represents Deliverable 1.2 of the H2020 project “FACTS4WORKERS - Worker-Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories” (FoF 2014/636778).

Building on a deep understanding of industrial workers’ individual practices, em-bedded in the contexts of six industrial partners (elaborated on in Deliverable 1.1), we present the first suggestions (in the form of requirements) for sociotechnical solutions that are intended to support their daily work and encourage smarter work.

We structure the identified requirements as:

  1. 23 problem scenarios that describe how the actors currently perform their work in a described context and highlight especially critical issues in their daily activities that yield improvement potential, next to …
  2. 23 activity scenarios that pick the identified issues and constitute suggestions of how the workers could be supported with sociotechnical solutions, incor-porating …
  3. screen illustrations of 8 prototypes. The artefacts mentioned above are embedded in 8 contexts-of-use at 6 industrial partners (four industrial partners with one context-of-use each and two industrial partners with two contexts-of-use each). This document also provides a detailed illustration of our methodical approach, which primarily describes the aforementioned types of boundary objects as the best possible way to avoid inconsistencies in the requirements and thus to provide a high level of transparency to all the readers.
Worker-Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories
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