Worker-Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories


It is the high ambition of the project to create "FACTorieS for WORKERS" (FACTS4WORKERS), therefore a serious effort will be put into integrating already available IT enablers into a seamless & flexible Smart Factory infrastructure based on worker-centric and data-driven technology building blocks. As FACTS4WORKERS is underpinned by a clear human-centric approach: usability, user experience and technology acceptance are of the utmost project interest.

FACTS4WORKERS will develop and demonstrate workplace solutions that support the inclusion of increasing elements of knowledge work on the factory floor. These solutions will empower workers on the shop floor with smart factory ICT infrastructure. Advancement will be gained through integrating several building blocks from a flexible smart factory infrastructure, focusing on workers' needs, expectations and requirements, and being supported by organisational measures and change management. In line with our assumptions on impacts on productivity we therefore estimate that that we can increase job satisfaction for 800,000 European workers by the year 2025.

These solutions will be developed according to the following four industrial challenges which are generalise-able to manufacturing in general:

  • personalised augmented operator (IC1),
  • worked-centric rich-media knowledge sharing/management (IC2),
  • self-learning manufacturing workplaces (IC3)
  • and in-situ mobile learning in the production (IC4).

Moreover, FACT4WORKER's objectives in terms of measureable indicators are:

  • To increase problem-solving and innovation skills of workers;
  • To increase cognitive job satisfaction of workers;
  • To increase average worker productivity by 10%;
  • To achieve TRL 5-7 on a number of worker-centric solutions through which workers become the smart element in smart factories

The smart factory demonstrator will be run within the automotive supply chain. The consortium is composed by 15 partners from 7 different EU member states.

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Start date: 01-12-2014
End date: 01-12-2018
Total budget - Public funding: 8 439 366,00 Euro - 6 344 544,00 Euro
Call topic: Developing smart factories that are attractive to workers (FoF.NMPB.2014.4)

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    high work satisfaction of blue collar workers