Gestamp Use Case


The use case deals with the complex equipment on the shop floor where the industry will act upon a sudden breakdown. The aim of the Z-BRE4K solution of this use case is to implement cognitive maintenance strategies for full equipment and process production availability while addressing the quality control of instruments on the shop floor and measure it with KPIs.

The solution exploits the available information by the integrated systems on the shop floor and connects with the shop floor’s MES and quality control system for data retrieval that are being sent to the Z-BRE4K Predictive Maintenance Component where the component implements its algorithms to create predictions. Also, data is simulated in the Z-BRE4K solution, creating a digital twin for the system which will be used to predict and reduce failure rates and downtimes. Finally, the Z-BRE4K solution is implemented to optimise the working conditions on the shop floor based on PdM.

Predictions on the shop floor will reduce breakdowns and downtimes of the machines while readapting the manufacturing procedures on the shop floor to accommodate the most suitable maintenance based on the Z-BRE4K system.

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GESTAMP, besides getting familiar with Z-BRE4K’s solution validation and assessment methodology, got a better understanding of internal reflection and readiness to apply predictive maintenance solutions to its plants while new mitigation actions related to process flaws and defects identification were developed during the Z-BRE4K. Also, they have understood the importance of solution validation and assessment methodology defined in Z-BRE4K.