Knowledge Sharing Module

Knowledge Sharing Module
The Knowledge Sharing Module provides a platform which allows interaction between stakeholders of various roles. It is aimed to be used by trainers, training managers and manufacturing engineers. The module allows trainers and training managers to create training simulations, which can be individualised to suit their needs, and subsequently access up to date information regarding the training progress. The module also informs manufacturing engineers of feedback from trainees regarding any problems or difficulties associated with assembly operations that are part of a training session. This information can later be used by them to improve assembly process for future products. In addition to this, engineers are also presented with opportunities to enrich the existing VISTRA model (see Unified Model for Virtual Assembly Training) which can contribute to a more effective training session. For instance, they can enrich the VISTRA model by enabling simulation of flexible parts, communicating key points of an assembly operation during a training session, etc..
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Knowledge Sharing Module
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