Weld process monitoring system

Weld process monitoring system
A prototype weld Monitoring System (WMS) for 532nm and 1┬Ám laser wavelengths, was developed for the in-line quality monitoring of high quality laser welds in thin-gauge aluminium and copper. Weld features and defects that could be detected included weld pool geometry, lack of fusion/penetration. Exploitable result: Indirect measurement of penetration depth in continuous-wave welding of copper for quality assurance. Innovation: Indirect measurement of penetration depth is researched by analysing the relationship of penetration with measurable process quantities such as radiation in visible spectrum or dimensions of the liquid material. The investigation results are novel for this wavelength of the laser radiation and material, due to the intricate nature of laser welding. Customers target: - OEM. - End-users. - Machine integrators. Benefits: Assuming enough accuracy and precision of the measurement technique for an application, the weld can be quality assured synchronously with the processing with regard to penetration depth. After further research closed-loop controls can enable welding of new geometries requiring rapid adjustment, e.g. of laser power.
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Weld process monitoring system
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