vfOS - ID1.4a - Existing SOTA Analysis(M6)

This task deals with a comprehensive and up-to-date investigation of existing state-of-the-art architectures, technologies, and solutions supporting collaboration in manufacturing and logistics among the supply chain. It will also study the current state of relevant technologies, including cloud computing, IOT, embedded systems, sensors and CPS components, data analytics, Big Data sources, Security, and mobile data sources. The investigation of the data sources will be carried out in close cooperation with the end users and the solutions providers. Another important aspect to be considered for analysis is ?public enablers? such as the generic enables of the FI-WARE and FI-PPP initiative and existing industry solutions such as the up-and-coming IBM Bluemix. The execution of this task will be through a Wiki, with access provided to other projects and contributors in a moderated way.
Virtual Factory Open Operating System
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