Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses
The Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses have the responsibility to provide the best user experience for all specialized applications developed within SatisFactory. The scope of this module is not only to provide as much as possible a uniform look-and-feel, optimized for different typology of considered devices, taking into account the ergonomic issues (e.g. minimizing the cognitive effort for users), but also to reduce the need for the developers of the applications to re-invent user interaction solutions for similar situations. Thus resulting in a cost reduction and shorten delivery time. Even more, this project result will try to follow the most innovative approaches currently applied in the best known experiences, documented in literature, in this area. Together with other HMI devices of different nature, the AR glasses enable Augmented Realism (AR) services both to real (AR) and virtual environments (VR) for a richer experience. The relative AR platform feeds with augmented information services both the Training Educational Environment and the Operational Platform with Augmented Intelligence.
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