A collaborative and augmented-enabled ecosystem for increasing SATISfaction and working experience in smart FACTORY environments


Traditional manufacturing industry is in the throes of a digital transformation. The global adoption of information and communications technology by manufacturing industry is now paving the way for disruptive approaches to production and the entire logistics chain. Supporting this "Industrial Revolution 4.0", the SatisFactory solution aims to contribute to transforming traditional industrial environments using cutting-edge technologies in ways that are both productive and appealing to workers and younger generations. The objective is to increase the flexibility, productivity and innovation potential of modern factories, while enhancing the skills and commitment of the workforce. The fundamental component of the proposed system is the integrated management of the explicit and tacit knowledge created on the shop floor. The solution aggregates a set of heterogeneous smart devices and sensors, and extracts context-aware information based on their measurements.

The distribution of this knowledge is based on 3 important system tools:

  • A training platform that allows the fast and intuitive education of employees
  • A collaboration platform that stimulates and promotes team interactions
  • Ubiquitous user interfaces that support all employees seamlessly in real time and on the move

SatisFactory also utilises the aggregated knowledge in order to leverage the control and re-adaptation of facilities and streamline the workload. In order to enhance working experience and thus increase the workplace attractiveness, augmented reality and gamification approaches are being utilized. Additionally, modern wearable devices such as augmented reality glasses allow the interaction of workers with the system without disrupting their workflow.

The SatisFactory solution and its technology products are currently deployed and evaluated in three industrial sites in Italy and Greece, namely at:

  • COMAU S.p.A, an Italian multinational company based in Turin, Italy, part of the Fiat Group. Comau is an integrated company, including 20 subsidiaries, which develops and produces process automation, manufacturing and service products and specializes in welding robots
  • Systems Sunlight S.A., a global player in the field of integrated energy solutions, specializing in the development, production and marketing of batteries and energy storage systems for industrial, advanced technology and consumer applications
  • CPERI (Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute), a non-profit research and technological development (RTD) organization in Thessaloniki, Greece. Expected benefits range from increased workers wellbeing to easier safety management and productivity gains.
More information
Web resources: http://www.satisfactory-project.eu
Start date: 01-01-2015
End date: 31-12-2017
Total budget - Public funding: 5 295 525,00 Euro - 4 024 712,00 Euro
Call topic: Developing smart factories that are attractive to workers (FoF.NMPB.2014.4)
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Manufacturing the products of the future Resource efficient, sustainable products
Domain 2: Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems

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Mechatronics Control technologies Advanced and ubiquitous human machine interaction Measurement, condition and performance monitoring technologi... Information and communication technologies
ICT solutions for modelling and simulation tools Integrated knowledge based systems Skills - Knowledge-workers Augmented reality

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Hyperconnected Factories Pathway Autonomous Smart Factories Pathway Spreadsheet/texteditor MOM Manual data acquisition Data acquisition/monitoring/analysis (SCADA) implemented but... Dedicated MOM Software Implemented MOM-SCADA systems connected
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    In this project, hyperconnectivity in factories is achieved by enabling IoT in training procedures, product development Life-Cycle and design for Manufacturing and assembly. Moreover, there is knowledge sharing via collaboration platform and virtual simulation of production line which offer intelligence in an "hyperconnected way".

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Manufacturing strategies Virtualisation and digitalisation of the interrelation betwe...
Business model aspects of digital platform deployment Target clients
      Comment: The SatisFactory project aims at providing solutions for context-aware control and re-adaptation of industrial production facilities for increased productivity and flexibility in use of shop floor resources. Data are collected by a network of smart sensors, processed by a centralized analysis system and ultimately redistributed to the concerned operatives via augmented reality glasses and other connected interfaces. The elaboration of a collaboration platform increases real-time knowledge sharing, whilst gamification approaches implemented improve the attractiveness of the assembly lines. Improved shop floor feedback enables better decision making for gains in productivity, workers well-being and comfort. This set of cutting-edge technologies provide real-time informational support for incident management, maintenance and training. As such the project outcomes will be exploited as market oriented solutions as a whole, in bundles and as distinct technologies for the targeted market stakeholders, with the supplement of the outgoing character attributed to certain project data with the participation in the Open Research Data (ORD) pilot.
      Comment: The SatisFactory consortium, following field installation and testing with its end-user industrial partners, has identified various market segments of interest where applicability of its solutions can be considered. Furthermore the strength of the SatisFactory solution lies in the ability to offer a portfolio of solutions as a whole, as groups of products (bundles) and as individual products and/or modules aligning with market trends, as well as European-wide initiatives towards Industry 4.0. Additionally, the developed tools are usable and beneficial across sectors for any organisation working on a roadmap to the Factories of the Future. As such markets that can benefit from the SatisFactory solutions are Automotive, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Facility Management, Telecommunications and Maritime Transportation