INDUSTRIAL PILOT DEMONSTRATOR 1- CERTH/CPERI – Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute

INDUSTRIAL PILOT DEMONSTRATOR 1- CERTH/CPERI – Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute

The concepts and solutions being developed within the SatisFactory project are being implemented in real-life factory environments in order to assess validate and evaluate their actual performances. CERTH/CPERI, one of the three industrial pilot demonstrators of the SatisFactory project's results, is a non-profit research and technological development (RTD) organization that focuses mainly in selected advanced areas of Chemical Engineering, including Energy, Environment, Materials and Process Technologies. Its infrastructure consists of numerous experimental industrial process units for the production of fuels, chemicals and evaluation of catalysts and feedstocks of the petrochemical industry. The Use Cases that are being examined within the CERTH/CPERI pilot area include: 1) Real-time support activities: - Repair or restore Electromechanical malfunction (unexpected failures) - Real time identification and response of abnormal events of a sensitive bend scale equipment operating in controlled environment (informative decision making and knowledgeable actions) - Startup procedures for pilot plants (real-time information and knowledgeable actions) 2) Event and Incident logging: - Reconfiguration of process flow and actions for flexible redesign of production procedures (interaction between actors and historical data from the automation systems) - Recognition of accidents and path optimization for workers and machines movement on the shop floor (safety related issues) 3) Learning environment: - Process operators (fast training of the process operators at process units) - Technicians (fast and effective training of the technical team)

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