"On-the-job" Training and Educational Platform

"On-the-job" Training and Educational Platform

This component has the responsibility to provide dedicated services to support the activities of training and education not only to workers and machinery operators but also to manufacturing process supervisors. The main feature of this platform is the ability to manage, in an innovative way, the creation of content for training and, especially, its use.

The Training and Educational Platform in fact, optimizes its effectiveness by focusing on the technologies of Augmented Reality, on the exploitation of a new generation of HMIs and on the adoption of an approach to training "on the job".

Thanks to the integration with the AR-platform, this component inherits all of its major powers such as:

  • support of description and presentation of procedures related to all areas required (Training, Manufacturing, Maintenance),
  • support of creation and use of standard procedures related both to common or planned activities, and to emergency situations,
  • support of creation of condition-based procedure,
  • support of services offered both on-the-job and in a simulated environment,
  • use of specific content perfectly integrated into HMIs inherited by AR Tools.

This component can also provide several highly specialized services, deemed necessary in order to increase the level of involvement of the trainees which are:

  • support of bidirectional communication between the trainees and their supervisor (or, in any case, between the novice and the expert), in order to increase the passage of knowledge,
  • support of transfer of information and data between the tools made available to the trainees and their supervisor,
  • implementation of features specifically related to the management of a training session: performance measurement, comparison with previous sessions, analysis of results and provision of indices and specific information, etc.
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