DELIVERABLE D2.2 - Knowledge model for human resource optimization

DELIVERABLE D2.2 - Knowledge model for human resource optimization

This deliverable describes the first version of the SatisFactory knowledge model for human resource optimization. There will be a final version of the knowledge model at M18. The first part of this document is devoted to the Purpose, Context and Scope of this Deliverable. Later, information about the background and State Of the Art in Ontology Engineering and Semantic Modelling is presented. We investigate the objectives and benefits as well as the definition and main components of Semantic Modelling. We present methodologies for building ontologies and the major ontology languages as well as the leading ontology tools. We use W3C standards for the Semantic Web in order to link data, create vocabularies, query and Inference. Next, we present Ontology Design through NeOn methodology. For the creation of the SatisFactory Ontology Network, three scenarios are used: Scenario 1: Ontologies built from scratch This section includes ontologies for the Online supervision of the operation and workforce resources of pilot plants for chemical processes, the recognition of accidents and path optimization for workers’ movement and the development of “on Job” training/educational environment. Scenario 2: Ontologies built from non-ontological resources This section includes ontologies for the Common Information Data Exchange Model (CIDEM) which includes R3D and B2MML XML Schemas. Scenario 3 : Reusing Ontology networks This section includes the ontology networks for Human Resource Management and the Context Management Ontology Network. Finally, the last part of this deliverable focuses on Ontology Exploitation through Knowledge Visualization, Data Integration, Rules inferences, Context-Driven Information Acquisition and the alignment with existing ontological resources.

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