DELIVERABLE D1.3 - SatisFactory Common Information Data Exchange Model

DELIVERABLE D1.3 - SatisFactory Common Information Data Exchange Model

The presented deliverable represents results of Task T1.4. More specifically, it defines Common Information Data Exchange Model (CIDEM). The aim of CIDEM is to provide a model of information elements (e.g. concepts, even, relations, interfaces) used for information exchange between components as well as for modelling work performed by other tasks (e.g. knowledge models to support human resources optimization in T2.2). The CIDEM definition is considered as a shared vocabulary that enables to address the information needs for the SatisFactory framework components. The deliverable in M07 reflected the status of SatisFactory CIDEM at that time. The actual form of CIDEM is continuously updated and enriched, since there are other tasks running which induce modifications to the CIDEM, especailly in the first half of the project duration. These modifications are being implemented and will be included in the CIDEM definition during the M15-M16 iteration of the Task.

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