Digital Fiber Ecosystem


Implementation of International Data Space architecture and components.


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Country: FI
Address: Ruukinmestarintie 2, Espoo, Finland 02330

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Significant innovations and achievements


    • Interoperability with legacy data management solution (e.g. MindSphere, HANA, etc.)
    • Open solution acting as horizontal stack that connects legacy systems.
    • Speeding up the development of digitalized industrial processes both in pilot and factory scale.

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Interoperability (ICT)
Integration with legacy systems

    Main IDS components used:

    • IDS Trusted Connector
    • IDS Broker


    • Using MindConnectAPI that enables external services to connect with the MindSphereplatform
    • Development of an IDS connector that implements the MindConnectAPI and enables to share data between different actors in the use case (e.g. equipment manufactures and technology solution providers)


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