Scale-up: Standard Robot Interface


Standard Robot Interface is a device, which makes it possible to use one robot with multiple production cells. Robots, especially cobots are expensive, and utilization rate of those should be high. Standard Robot Interface connects the hardware interfaces (mechanical, electric and pneumatic connectors), as well as software interfaces so that it is easy to move a robot from one task to another thus improving its utilization rate.

Standard Robot Interface has first been tested at GE Healthcare factory in Helsinki. Based on the first tests in real factory environment, new features such as automatic gripper finger change system has been developed. Roboco ( has made an implementation of Standard Robot Interface, specification and usage tests have done at GE Healthcare (, and research work has mainly been done at VTT ( Standard Robot Interface has gained a lot of interest in Reboot IoT Factory project, and and there is plans to try it at ABB Vaasa factory.

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