Reboot IoT Factory

Reboot IoT Factory

Reboot IoT Factory revolutionizes the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry with IoT technologies and experience sharing.

In the heart of Reboot operational model is experience sharing. Reboot forerunner factories share experiences of their digitalisation solutions thus learning from each other and speeding up digitalisation. The investment and risks are thus substantially lower than doing digitalisation actions separately. Project creates new digitalisation proof-of-concepts collaboratively with factory production personnel, top notch researchers and SMEs. Proof-of-concepts are implemented at real factory production environments as a subcontracted services from SMEs. This creates direct revenue for SMEs, but also references that can be used in export actions. Forerunner factories improve their productivity and expand their SME ecosystem. IoT focused researchers gain understanding of manufacturing domain needs and put their IoT innovations and research results into real life use. Scientific publications and theses are created with real life production and supply chain data.

The involved forerunner factories and their main products are:

  • ABB (electrical switches)
  • Nokia (base stations)
  • GE Healthcare (patient monitors)
  • Ponsse (forest harvesters)
  • Kongsberg (vessel thruster systems)

Project utilises data-analytics, artificial intelligence, mobile and collaborative robotics, physical modelling when solving main challenges of manufacturing industry. Grand challenges are derived from corporate digitalisation strategies of our factories. They are:

  1. Data-driven supply chain and production
  2. Robotics fusion
  3. Labour at digital work environment


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Number of participants: 8
Total budget - Public funding: 5 000 000,00 Euro
Call topic: (National - regional)
Instrument: Collaborative Project targeted to a special group (such as SMEs)
Reboot IoT Factory
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